Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beautiful Baby "A"

Ooooh - I just loved this beautiful baby. Just look at that perfect skin and those beautiful blues! You'd never know that we were continually interrupting her nap. I really wanted some sleeping shots, but she woke up every time. Thank goodness she is such a happy, sweet, patient girl. I would say mom and dad are pretty lucky - she's both good and gorgeous!

Little Miss "C"

Little Miss "C" was the most precocious baby - at only 7 months old, she has long since mastered sitting and crawling - she was able to stand up all by herself and was practically walking! She looked like a little princess in the tutu - we had a grand time playing around. Enjoy your sneak peak mom and dad!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Little Mister "C"

Isn't he just a doll? And he's got such a beautiful mama to boot!

Happy Memorial Day

Whew, what a weekend! Five "mini" baby sessions this weekend and more coming today! But first I want to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day and pay tribute to all those who have sacrificed so that I might have the freedom I so enjoy! I am eternally grateful to our servicemen and women!

We'll start off with Baby "Z" - an adorable 1 year old who didn't much care for the tutu I brought, but is such a bright little girl! We had some fun.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Last Call for Pictures at the Castle

Well, now that all the kids have moved out and my parents are "empty nesters", they have decided they don't need an 8500 square foot mansion and will be downsizing somewhat. While that may make life simpler for them, unfortunatlely for me, I will be losing my absolutely favorite place for location shoots. There is not better place to get phenomenal light, fantastic architecture, beautiful landscaping and a huge variety of looks in one location! Besides having 9 bathrooms for clothing changes, authentic French Chateau architecture and the finest attention to detail I've ever seen in a house, one can do a family, children's, engagement or senior shoot there and have it look like they traveled from a field of wild lavender, to the inside of a stately mansion, to a rustic boulder and grass hillside, to a beautiful brick and Gothic archway courtyard.

If you have contemplated having your pictures done at "The Castle" or would just like a completely unique settting to capture your loved ones in, NOW is the time. My parent's last day is Tuesday May 27th. I have opened up 3 days of final shooting there on Fri. May 23rd, Saturday May 24th and Monday (Memorial Day) May 26th. And to make it really worth your while, I am offering a 2 for the price of one special:
If you can bring another friend or family, I will offer you both 50% off of your session fee. And anyone who books a session at the castle will also receive 15% off of everything ordered. In addition, if you can refer someone who may be interested in this special, I will give both them and you a $40 print credit after the session - good for any prints past or future! In order to take advantage of the best light, I can only do 2 sessions on each day - one late afternoon and one early evening. So book now to reserve your spot! Contact me at 949-553-2434 or 951-775-2818 or via email at

You can view more Portraits taken at the castle on the below video:

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Welcome to the World, Xander

Well, I couldn't find a worthier subject for my very first sneak peak! This is little Xander, and I am sure his parents are anxiously awaiting a glimpse of his portraits, as it has been a very busy week since I took them! And Brandon and Sara are just the most loving new parents ever - so proud! And Xander is such a good little boy. Although he was awake for almost the entire session (not what you want in a newborn session), he almost didn't cry at all. He was so patient through all of the poses and other shenanigans that accompany a newborn shoot. And check out that dimple! Just like his daddy has.

But poor Sara about busted her c-section stitches when right in the middle of a family shot, little Xander started peeing all over daddy. I busted up laughing as well, but not before I captured the hillarious moment, seen above. It was certainly a pleasure to meet you, my little nephew Xander.