Saturday, May 17, 2008

Welcome to the World, Xander

Well, I couldn't find a worthier subject for my very first sneak peak! This is little Xander, and I am sure his parents are anxiously awaiting a glimpse of his portraits, as it has been a very busy week since I took them! And Brandon and Sara are just the most loving new parents ever - so proud! And Xander is such a good little boy. Although he was awake for almost the entire session (not what you want in a newborn session), he almost didn't cry at all. He was so patient through all of the poses and other shenanigans that accompany a newborn shoot. And check out that dimple! Just like his daddy has.

But poor Sara about busted her c-section stitches when right in the middle of a family shot, little Xander started peeing all over daddy. I busted up laughing as well, but not before I captured the hillarious moment, seen above. It was certainly a pleasure to meet you, my little nephew Xander.

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