Saturday, August 30, 2008

End of Summer Sale & Collections announced!

I often get asked the question, "Do you offer any packages?" In response to many clients who view their images and "want them all," or at least want more than they feel like they can afford, I have created "Collections," (like packages) that make it more affordable to purchase more prints and products for much less than purchasing a al carte. (Savings of between $250 and $2070, depending on which collection)

I have put these into categories as I have found that different clients seem to gravitate towards different products. Many just want straight prints, so there is a gallery collection for you. Others want to showcase more images than will fit on their walls, or use them to tell a story about their lives and give those storybook albums as gifts to family. Hence, the storybook collection. Some just want to get pictures for their annual Holiday cards and maybe have a few prints as well - so we are offering a Greeting Card collection. And some clients want it all - including full resolution rights to the digital negatives so they can make their own prints and use their images creatively for their own ideas. The "I want it all" collection is the Negative collection.

To celebrate the end of a wonderful summer and the announcement of the new collections, I will be offering an additional 10% discount on all collections for anyone who places an order between now and Tuesday September 2nd. If you've been planning on getting your order in anyways, now is a great time to do it!
Also, I will offer a 10% disount on all session fees and (if you choose to order one eventually) all collections ordered by anyone who books a session by September 2nd. So if you book on Monday for examle, your session fee will be only $135 and any collection you may wish to purchase from that session will also be discounted by 10%!

You can view the new Collections from the Investment page of my website,, or you can click on this link to see a PDF! Feel free to call or email me with any questions - 949-553-2434 or

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