Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sunrise at Crystal Cove

It's not often that I have clients willing to get up the crack of dawn to meet me for a sunrise shoot... and these guys live an hour away too! Talk about dedication! And while it is not so very rare to become great friends with my clients, it is always wonderful to make a new friend! Penny and I connected almost instantly - she is such a sweet warm person. I can't wait for our playdate at the park with our kids and our cameras! And what a fun big family! I hope you will all forgive the long post as we had so many great shots and beautiful people to choose from!


The Riesenberg Family said...

once again, AMAZING! I can't wait until I lose my last 15 pounds so I can have some more pictures done! You get better and better every time.

The Riesenberg Family said...

Okay, just one more thing...I love the pictures with that old fence in the background. It reminds me of cape cod or something.