Friday, January 23, 2009

Candid Kids Day at Tewinkle Park

Tewinkle is such a fun place to shoot at, with so many great locations. You can go for water, rocks, trees, grass, playground, etc. or have a variety of different backgrounds. But my favorite last Saturday was this little patch of wildflowers and long, unmanicured grass. If felt as if we were out in a mountain meadow. Of course, these two boys (almost 2 and 4) wanted nothing to do with posed pictures, so anything you see with the two of them together or even just one of them sitting was taken a split second after setting them that way, and a split second before they ran in opposite directions! Which is just as well, considering it was after all a "candid" kids day!

All in all we had a great time together!


Stephanie said...

oh my goodness. Super cute!! Are you going to do another candid kids day?? I forgot about it then when I remembered we had plans...

InkMom said...

Vanessa, I wish we lived close enough together for you to do a shoot of my kids. Opposite coasts makes it kind of hard though.

I'm impressed. Good work, good friend!