Monday, March 23, 2009

Beautiful Baby Boy

Happy Birthday Sara - I did these pictures for my wonderful sister-in-law for her birthday. Her little guy, Xander is just the cutest thing around... can you believe those blue eyes? This is one of my very favorite ages to photograph: smiles come easily, they are sitting confidently and learning to pull themselves up, but can't yet run away from the camera! We just did these around my place in a few minutes, and you would never know that poor Xander was so tired. He's just such a cutie and the apple of his parent's eyes!


The Riesenberg Family said...

That is one beautiful baby boy! His eyes are amazing the way they pop off the screen! But, where are some pictures of my baby boy?

Brandon and Sara said...

those turned out wonderful considering the bad mood he was in! haha. you are amazing!

Bryce and Tiffany said...

oh my gosh he's sooo cute love the pics and his outfit, love it!