Monday, April 20, 2009

Beatiful Day at Crystal Cove

But it very almost wasn't a beautiful day. In fact it rained all week, and the Lee family was moving out of the country, and this day was their last chance to be together as a family. We had done a studio session earlier in the week, but they really wanted to get some shots at the beach to remember their time here. It rained all day, but we decided to try for it anyways - minus their 1 month old! And amazingly, as we arrived the rain stopped and the clouds began to clear, leaving the most beautiful diffused light! I love the soft muted colors we were surrounded by! And we had so much fun together... their little girl really loved the beach! Thanks for sharing the day with me, and good luck at your new home.


The Riesenberg Family said...

The colors in these pictures are insane! Wow, really beautiful. I love all the clouds actually and the last photo with the clouds! Good pics Vanessa

Evaly said...

I like the ones with their last name in the sand!

Anonymous said...

The clouds in the reflection on that last shot is beautiful!