Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy (Belated) Easter

Well, I began this post in time for Easter, but got too caught up in all the Eastery festivities with my own family to post it in time! So here is a belated Easter post. Aren't the twins soooo cute with their Easter Baskets and eggs? The session didn't go quite as planned... the baby (5 day old) goat kid was less than thrilled about being seperated from her mom for our photo session, but was cute for the moment she lasted. And the girls found out very quickly that the beautifully decorated hard boiled eggs we had planned to feature smash relatively easily in their little hands! Nevertheless, we got some beautiful images that we weren't planning on -most of my favorites I am saving for later! So stay tuned, I just wanted to get some Easter-themed pics up for the holiday!

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