Friday, October 3, 2008

Country Princesses

These twins were so beautiful and lovely in their beautiful princess gowns and fall outfits. And so well behaved too - especially for 18 month olds! And I couldn't have asked for more beautiful light or a neater location. We met up at Tanaka Farms in Irvine and it was just the loveliest location for a session. So if anyone else wants to get in some beautiful fall portraits here, let me know before the season is over! And special thanks to little "D" and little "A" for a special session.


ic8r4u said...

The lighting was fabulous and made these beautiful pictures look surreal. You are especially good at photographing children....well, you're good at everything. These pics made me want to be there, too. Mom

Bryce and Tiffany said...

What sweet pictures, I'm sure they will treasure those! Bryce is ready to order some more pictures from our previous shoot, so I will get back to you about that, I am totally excited for my christmas cards this year, I saw my card from last year at Britt's house, and frankly I am glad this years picture will be awesome, it was sort of embarressing I actually sent that photo of my kids!!! lol Anyways best wishes to you and the fam!

Vanessa Honda Photography Blog said...

Thanks mom and Tiffany - I can't wait to shoot your entire family in a couple of months - you are all so adorable!